Using HttpHandler to deal with cross-domain requests from AngularJS app for SharePoint on-premises

Scenario: When you go to the newsfeed in your personal site (mysite newsfeed), you can write post and target it to different sites you are following or on your personal feed. Recently, I had to built the same functionality for one of the projects. The ideas was to build the UI using SharePoint’s REST APIs and […]

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The specified program requires a new version of Windows. (Exception from HRESULT:0x8007047E)

Scenario: I have a custom list definition based on which I want to create some lists and associate OOB approval workflow with them for content approval. In the schema.xml file for my custom list definition (based documents library i.e., basetype=1), I set ModeratedList=“True” attribute among others (see in the code snippet below) <List xmlns:ows=”Microsoft SharePoint” […]

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Associating OOB Approval workflow with custom list for different Locale (LCIDs)

Scenario: I have a custom web template that is used to provision the site. Among other things (branding etc), a custom documents library is provisioned whenever a new site is created (also based on my custom documents library template). Besides creating the custom library, I need to associate the OOB Approval workflow with the library that […]

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Incorrect values for User Fields while copying list items from one site collection to another

Scenario Recently, I was writting a piece of code to copy list item from a list in one site collection to the list in another site collection. I did the shallow copy (copying field by field). Both the lists were created using same List definition so they had same fields and content types etc. The item […]

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Creating loosely coupled and generic process steps implementation

Recently, during one of the SharePoint implementations we came across the requirement to build the workflow for site provisioning engine that we are developing. One of the requirements of the process is to rollback everything that we create/modify if there is any problem/exception during the process. So for example, if we created the site collection […]

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Remove webpart from a page on Personal site using delegate control

Customizing Personal Sites (site collections for users in my site) could be little challenging at times. One reason being that personal site is provisioned automatically by SharePoint and there could be more than one point from which user can provision the site and there is no support to create your own web template or site […]

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