About Me

My name is Sanjay Bhagia. I have recently relocated to Sydney, Australia. Prior to that I was living in Stockholm, Sweden working as an Integration and Cloud Developer / Solutions Architect. I'm working at Telstra Purple at the moment as a Development Consultant focusing on Microsoft Azure as a platform of choice.

I'm currently focused on Cloud development with emphasis on developing quality solutions by leveraging the power of cloud and software craftsmanship. I love to get the overall view of the problem space and leverage the best tools and technologies available to solve business needs. I like to think of software as a living organism and hence try to create solutions and softwares that are agile and evolving.

I am quite interested in exploring latest developments in technology and try to keep myself updated. I’m a huge food fan and love watching movies, love to read books and travel around the world whenever I can.

Feel free to reach out and connect via LinkedIn and Twitter.